Applying for a Mortgage

Whilst there are some forms, the process is actually quite simple! We work 7 days in preparing applications to lenders so we get a quick turn – around time!

Mortgage Application

You can then fax us the completed application and supporting information on 04 974 4836 or email [email protected] a scanned copy. On receipt we will discuss your specific needs with a phone call or email.

Here is a checklist for supporting information required:

  • Last 3 months bank statements for all your transactional accounts
  • Proof of income such as last 3 payslips, employment contract, last 2 years business financials (if self employed)
  • Proof of deposit – last 3 months savings account statement showing savings history
  • Copy of Photo ID
  • If refinancing or consolidating debt we will need your last 6 months statements for all your mortgage accounts and debts being refinanced
  • If you are wanting to withdraw from KiwiSaver then please see more information by clicking here. We will need a copy of the letter confirming your are eligible and for how much.
  • Please note there may be other info required depending on your personal situation

To learn more contact us for a free no obligation (and no pressure) chat with our experts.

For information about making an offer on a property, please watch our video below.