Below is a good calculator for budgeting and calculating your net worth/statement of position.

excel  Income-and-Expenditure-Calculator.xls (291KB)

Here is a loan amortisation calculator so you can map out what principle and interest split you pay over the life of a loan

excel Loan-Amortisation-Calculator.xls (164KB)

Here is a guide to residential property sale & purchase agreements.

PDF iconREAA-Sale-Purchase-Agreement-guide.pdf (183KB)

Here is the application form to apply to Housing Corp for the Kiwisaver Subsidy, remember you will need to apply to your provider for the withdrawal of yours and your employers contributions.

PDF iconKiwisaver-Subsidy-and-Withdrawal-Form.pdf (149KB)

Your Name


Phone Number

Deposit Amount

Annual Income Before Tax - Person 1

Annual Income Before Tax - Person 2

Working For Families Income Per Week

Other Loan Payments Per Month

Combined Credit Card Limits

Number of dependents