Unbiased mortgage advice from Craig Pope and Wellington Mortgage Brokers.

As a business in an industry we love, we live and breathe mortgages and finance 24/7! We work hard for our clients as most of the time we only get paid once we have negotiated a great deal for you. That also means you can call, text or email us 24/7 for mortgage advice, including public holidays! That’s right, we treat people the way we would want to be treated so if you have burning property finance question on Christmas Day, email, call or text us and we will provide a response. We offer a range of services, including help for first home buyers, construction loans and refinance, as well as advice on the best mortgage interest rates and how to access your Kiwisaver, and you can also use our handy online mortgage calculator to work out your repayment options. Freephone our team of friendly mortgage brokers today on 0800 000 518.

Wellington Mortgage Brokers is part of  Pope & Co Mortgages with offices in Wellington and Kapiti. We arrange millions of dollars of lending every month, providing an impartial service with access to lots of banks.

We make getting a mortgage and home buying hassle free, saving you time and money, coaching you through the buying process and helping you get mortgage free quicker. Craig Pope has a wealth of experience and was recently ranked as New Zealand's number 7 mortgage broker for 2017 (NZ Adviser) and was a finalist in the NZ Professional Adviser Association Mortgage Adviser of the Year in 2017.

Call or contact us today, 7 days a week, to discuss your situation. For arranging the paperwork you can visit us, or we may be able to visit you at a convenient time.


Craig - Mortgage Adviser

Tel : 0800 000 518
Email : [email protected]mortgagebrokers.co.nz

Paul - Mortgage Adviser

Tel : 0800 000 518
Email : [email protected]