How Are You Paid?

For most of our day-to-day business the insurers, banks and lenders pay us a commission/brokerage when you draw down a loan or take out a policy. So usually our service is paid for by the lender/insurer. The banks/lenders/insurers pay us a commission because we are a cost-effective way of introducing business to them, and we do all of the initial work of introducing you to them.

There are occasional times we do charge a fee; this may be to cover work done whereby we do not get paid a commission by the lender. Fees are always agreed upfront, if charged at all. Situations that may incur a fee are:

  1. A bit outside the square such as bridging finance (sometimes) and asset lends
  2. Short term loans where we have obtained finance from a Non-Bank lender with a view to going (refinancing) main bank in 6-18 months 
  3. Not using our service exclusively - engaging our help then getting the mortgage from another broker or bank directly
  4. A lender that doesn’t pay us a brokerage commission and your situation was ‘outside the square’
  5. Commercial finance, sometimes personal loans
  6. Caveat loans, development finance, business lending


We would always discuss any fee upfront and payment is often made when a loan is drawn down, unless otherwise stated.

Please remember that you can contact us at any time.

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