Self-Employed / Bad Credit

Bad credit and the Bank Said No? Wellington Mortgage Brokers can help!

Having Trouble Getting Approved By Your Bank?

You may have adverse credit or bad credit rating, your bank may not be willing to lend you what you need, perhaps all your deposit is gifted, you have no proof of income, you may not have business financials, your account conduct may not have been flash and had a few hiccups.

It’s highly likely your bank just doesn’t understand your personal circumstances or the complexity of what you are trying to do.

At Wellington Mortgage Brokers we are not here to judge but rather listen and work for you to try and make something happen. It could be from using another bank or non bank lender. You may not realise there are other options out there!

Regardless of your situation there may be a solution and you can talk to our bad credit mortgage brokers 7 days a week for a confidential chat.

It is not uncommon that while one bank will lend you money, based on the same information, another bank will not. Our mortgage brokers will SAVE you TIME and MONEY and through our experience and contacts will look at all possible options. Get unbiased mortgage advice today.


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