Bad Credit & Non-Conforming

Pope & Co has experience at getting loans approved for clients who have previously been declined due to bad credit history. We may still be able to get your mortgage approved with a bank or non-bank lender in what’s referred to as a ‘non-conforming situation’.

No matter what your situation is, it’s likely the Pope & Co team can come up with a solution. Here is how we can help:

• Bad Credit / Adverse credit history affecting your home loan application

• Self employed and having trouble proving your income

• First Home Buyer without residency or non genuine savings e.g. gifted deposit, low or no deposit

• Bank declined as outside its criteria

• Tax debt or tax arrears to pay

• Leveraging against equity in your home to invest in a business

• Urgent funding to clear mortgage arrears

• Bridging Finance without having sold first

• 100% finance on vehicles

Some things to bear in mind:

Firstly if you are unaware of what is on your credit file with Veda Advantage (formerly Baycorp) then we strongly recommend you contact them (Veda) for a free copy. Often people don’t realise there is anything listed against them and there could be errors. Any items listed should only be from financial institutions. We can put you onto a company that helps clear any disputed items for you.

If there are items that you know of, the best thing to do is have them paid ASAP.

We still have lenders who will be lenient depending on the circumstances of your credit report. Learn more about your credit report by downloading this file: Your credit file explained (Veda)

If you want to obtain a copy of your credit file quickly, check out

Whatever your situation we can help, we are not here to judge you and will give you guidance so feel free to confidentially contact us today.

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