6 Tips to getting approved faster


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Here are 6 tips to getting APPROVED faster.

In this challenging environment where banks are taking 2-3 weeks to turnaround approvals, here are some tips to getting a YES faster!

  1. Be prepared! Banks want a huge amount of info these days, the quicker you can pull it together, the quicker you will get an answer
  2. Whilst its frustrating banks ask lots of questions and want lots of information, don't try to resist or beat the system. Provide what is asked for in a timely fashion
  3. Know your financial situation and be as accurate as you can with all your debts, expenses and assets, minimise ambiguity
  4. De-clutter your financial set up. If you have a large amount of bank accounts then that will take the banks longer to search through it
  5. Ensure all your supporting information is accurate, if you say you have X amount of deposit, then have the supporting info to prove it. If you are getting a gift towards your deposit, make sure you have the gift declaration ready. If you are getting money out of KiwiSaver, make sure you have a letter/email from your provider confirming it. Check payslips concur with what you have declared as income
  6. Don't leave things till the last minute, if you have been thinking about buying a house, get started ASAP


Getting a mortgage is a tricky business, the more thorough your application, the quicker an answer will come. Using our service will help save time approaching banks and lenders where you stand the best chance of approval! We also help advise exactly what the banks are going to need, 

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